Let there be sight!

During June of 2002 I first lost my periperhal vision. Then a couple weeks later I lost complete vision. After a brain biopsy it was true that I had 2 Lesions of inflammation on my occipital lobe. After visiting with about 20 to 30 neurologist. the cause is still unknown. Some say it is a MS and some say it was a virus that attacked my brain and it was still a serious matter. When the lesions would finally determined, neurologist try to treat me by injecting intravenously a high dose of steroids unfortunately the steriods made no difference at all and I was still left with no vision and  no answers. A family friend who work next door to his office has referred me to Sung. As a result from Sung’s acupuncture, my sight has gotten a lot better. My peripheral vision all came back and now my central vision has becoming a lot stronger. As  result  i feel that because of acupuncture and the treatments performed on me, i have a great  hope  that i will recover fully so that i can move on with my life.
Dawn D’Andrea