Another Infertility Success Story


I am so happy with my experience with Sung! I started going to acupuncture appointments before getting pregnant and he helped me get my hormones under control. Within a couple months I was pregnant. I started going back to see Sung when I was around 20 weeks pregnant to help with pregnant symptoms such as hip pain and heartburn. Sung was great and my symptoms decreased drastically! When I was 40 weeks and 4 days pregnant I had another appointment with Sung to help induce labor. I wanted my body to go into labor naturally and I knew if I didn’t soon my doctor would want to induce me! I went into labor two days later! I had a fast labor and everything went smoothly! I did not need medicine which was my goal! Sung was great with giving me specific pressure points to push to help induce labor and during labor. I owe my easy delivery and natural induction to Sung!



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