Laser acupuncture (cold laser) right fit for you?

In this treatment the low intensity laser beam is focused on the acupuncture point for ten seconds to one minute. This process is based on the mechanism of photo-biostimulation in which biological changes are achieved through light. During laser acupuncture therapy the cells of the organs undergo biochemical, structural and electrochemical changes due to which the functioning of that organ is improved and the patient gets relief from pain.

The time needed for the treatment is invariable depending upon the intensity of the pain and the layers of tissue the beam has to penetrate to reach the pain point. The red visible laser radiation are taken from the helium and neon gases. Sometimes invisible infra red rays too are used for the treatment in the laser acupuncture therapy.

What are the advantages of laser acupuncture over the conventional methods?

It is preferred by the people over the regular acupuncture technique due to the fear of needles. Since laser acupuncture is non-needle, non invasive, aseptic treatment the pain and the hassles of bleeding are just eliminated and the pain too is reduced very fast. The main function of this treatment is to serve the purpose of anesthetic and also create stimulation in the acupuncture points.