A Power from Above

They say you meet people when you need them most. That was the case on the day I met Sung. After enduring years of emotional abuse, I had all but given up on myself. My health had suffered yet I couldn’t connect the dots. Sung literally changed my life giving me hope in my darkest days. His herbal supplement helped

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Allergy Relief from Gluten and Dairy Intolerance!

Thank you Sung for literally changing my life for the better! About 6 years ago I reached out to Sung because I had severe pain in my feet from running cross country. I also was experiencing stomach pains every time I ate due to a severe gluten and dairy intolerance. Over time Sung used acupuncture practices on my feet to

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Acupuncture helped with neuropathy

I have neuropathy in the feet from diabetes for several years now it is quite severe. Have also experience numbness in the right hand down to the fingers for short time. I also had intermittent dizzy spells with no apparent reason even after the MRI. After acupuncture my neuropathy is lessened and ┬ácirculation appears to be better in my legs... Read more »

Let there be sight!

During June of 2002 I first lost my periperhal vision. Then a couple weeks later I lost complete vision. After a brain biopsy it was true that I had 2 Lesions of inflammation on my occipital lobe. After visiting with about 20 to 30 neurologist. the cause is still unknown. Some say it is a MS and some say it... Read more »